Friday, December 23, 2011

Mollie Makes- A Makers Magazine

I was recently introduced to a British magazine called Mollie Makes. It is all about the art of making and is filled with ideas that I want to try. I have been entrusted with a friend's precious three issues to look over. When she handed them to me, she looked at me seriously and made sure I understood that they were to be thumbed through lovingly, but returned. Once I had a chance to sit down and really spend some time going through the magazine, I understood how precious this magazine is and why she cherishes it so much. It reminds me a bit of CRAFT Magazine before it stopped being published on paper and went to an online magazine. The added bonus of Mollie Makes it that each issue comes with supplies to make your own craft. I promptly added Mollie Makes to my Christmas list and hope I may also get my hands on the back issues.

Let's hope an issue or two come for Christmas so I can include a picture of the magazine soon!!

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