Repurposing Challenge 2012

Year: 2012
Challenge: to find 12 waste products and give them a new life

Once a month I will find a waste product, such as vinyl billboards, or woven malt bags, and create something new out of it. The idea is to look at our waste in a new way and think of it as material to create instead of something to throw away.

You are invited to join in the challenge. Contact me by email ( or post a comment letting me know you would like to join in the challenge. All I ask is that you send a photo and short description of what you created. If you can not get your hands on some of the "challenge material" on your own, I would be happy to send some your way. Get those creative juices flowing and think outside the box.

Challenge #1- January
Vinyl billboards
See the January Challenge projects here.

Challenge #2- February
cassette tapes

Challenge #3- March
Corks from local wineries

Challenge #4- April
woven malt bags from breweries

Challenge #5- May
Bike shop items- inner tubes, tires, etc

Challenge #6- June
Sustain clay plaster & wall pigment packaging

Challenge #7- July/August
Windsurf sails and Kiteboard kites

Challenge #8- September
Discarded CD's

Challenge #9- October
Microfiche Film

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