Thursday, June 27, 2013

Middle Eastern Inspired Art

I had the opportunity to teach middle school students this spring a handful of middle eastern inspired art projects.  After they learned about radial design, I taught them how to make mandalas.  They were asked to trust their creativity and just create.  All of the students were successful and most were surprised at what wonderful mandalas they created.

Once they completed their mandalas, the students glued them onto a recycled notebook that they each made.

    The second project the students completed was an Islamic inspired name tile. 

Finally, the students used old CD's to create mandala spinning tops.

Art Pillows

I had the students in my class at the Columbia Art Center make pillows from fabric they decorated themselves.

Using toilet paper tubes, the students decorated t-shirt fabric with acrylic paint.

They also used Sharpies to decorate fabric with a ZenTangle design.

Finally, they used fabric markers to fill in printed designs on IKEA fabric.

The finished projects!

Lampshade Makeover

I have been having fun adding a little pop of color and pattern to my rooms by making-over the lamps.  I am using some of my favorite fabrics and with a little spray paint, the lamp stands have endless possibilities.

Fixing up the House

  The house we bought about a year ago was a bit dated, so we have been slowly, but surely making some updates.  I have been painting (spray painting mostly),  trying to make improvements with as little cost as possible.  I love thrift shopping so many of my improvements have included thrift store purchases too.  Many of the ideas for my improvements came from Pinterest!

Dining Room Hanging Light
First, we repainted the light fixture above the dining room table.  It used to be gold with an ugly chain hanging down.  A little spray paint a fabric cover for the chain helped with the update.

Bathroom update
The biggest challenge in our house is the cedar paneling EVERYWHERE!  Unfortunately, that will have to wait for another day.  Instead I focused on the bathroom cabinets.  A little paint and new hardware can make such a difference.



dark grey cabinets

 Exterior Door Makeover
Here is a before picture to show the color scheme of the original door color.  Although my after picture does not show the same door, it does show the new colors we used.  

green accent color on the door and brass light fixture


ladybug red door

black light fixture

Many more projects are in the works.  Stay tuned for more updates as the summer progresses.