Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Recycled Animals from Book Pages and Magazines

I recently taught a class on recycled animals inspired by author/ illustrator Jan Brett.  She is coming to town soon to give a talk and I was asked to teach a class over Thanksgiving break inspired by her work.  

 Since I work with recycled materials, I decided to have the students draw a picture of an animal on recycled book pages.  I read Jan Brett's books The Mitten and The Hat to the class.  We looked at the pictures in the books as examples.  The students drew animals in pencil, used Sharpies to outline and then painted them in with watercolor.

While the painted animals were drying, the students painted a border and habitat in black tempura on the back of brown grocery bags.  


They used magazines to create a mosaic to fill in their animal's habitat.

Once the habitat was complete, they cut out their animal and glued it to their habitat.

Here is a work in progress.  I can't wait to see this when it gets finished!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hood River Holiday Pop-up Shop

 I have decided to open a Holiday Pop-up Shop this winter in downtown Hood River, Oregon.  I was able to find a beautiful building on Oak Street and with the collaboration of as many other handmade artists/ crafters/designers as I can find, we will have a temporary shop selling our handmade creations just time for holiday shopping.

  We can't wait to get into the building to start getting it prepared for our artists to bring creations and transform this former art gallery and wine tasting room into a handmade marketplace.

   The former Gallery 301 will become Hood River Holiday Pop-up Shop from November through December.    It will be open Fridays-Sundays from 10am-6pm and everyday starting the week before Christmas.

If you are a local handmade artist/crafter/designer and would like to learn more about selling your creations at our Pop-up Shop, please email me: or find us on Facebook: Hood River Holiday Pop-up Shop.

Here is a direct link to the application.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I had a chance to work with the Chenowith Elementary School  student in The Dalles, Oregon to create 6 mosaics to beautify the front of the school.

This is where the mosaics were to be installed once they were finished.

Boxes of ceramic tiles were donated to the school in a variety of colors.

The school grounds are beautiful, with a courtyard, flower garden, wildlife and a pond.  We used this as inspiration for a handful of the mosaics.

I had each of the classes brainstorm ideas for the mosaics after giving them a topic.  The students each drew pictures and I used those as the inspiration for the designs.

Kindergarten- playground

1st Grade- Courtyard/ Garden
2nd grade- Pond
3rd Grade- Native Animals
4th Grade- River
5th Grade- Landscape

Each of the students had a chance to break the tiles with a hammer then sort them by color to prepare for creating our mosaics.


Now we were ready to begin arranging the broken tiles on hardi board and gluing them on.

Here are the 6 panels start to finish

Kindergarten- Playground

1st Grade- Garden

2nd Grade- Pond

3rd Grade- Native Wildlife

4th Grade- Columbia River/ The Dalles Dam

5th Grade- Landsccape

 Once the pieces were installed, the teachers helped to grout them in.  I chose gray for the grout, but since the pictures were taken when the grout was still wet, it looks really dark.