Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Craft Group

I had the idea to start a craft group with some friends that have my passion for crafting. The idea is that we get together once a month at someone's house and work on our latest projects, share ideas and teach each other what we know. Our first Craft Night was small, but productive. I had a birthday present to make for my husband and a friend worked on a small scrapbook for her mother that highlighted her daughter's year. It was just as I had hoped. A couple of hours away from the responsibilities of being Mom, and time to be with friends and work on a project.

My friend embroidered a shirt for her husband for Christmas and I knew that would be the prefect gift to make for my husband for his birthday. She introduced me to SublimeSticthing.com , a website with patterns that are right up my alley. With patterns called Dia de las Muertos, Roller Derby, Rock n' Roll, Lucha Libre, and Tattoo Your Towels... I was in heaven. This is what I have been looking for. Crafting with an edge. The shirt I decided to make was a whiskey jug with flames coming out the top. I couldn't find a whiskey jug at Sublime Stitching, so I used clip art as my pattern... with a little modification. The shirt ended up looking like a working man's shirt, with a little something extra. That was exactly what I had in mind.

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klyn said...

What a perfect design. I hope he had a great day - I seem to be ignoring birthdays this year by not sending cards, although I did in fact go around all day yesterday thinking it was his birthday.