Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bedroom Make-over



When we moved into our home, we knew it needed to be updated.  We let the kids choose the colors they wanted for their room.  Although I thought the colors were very dark and tried to suggest more subtle colors, they insisted on red and turquoise to go with the cedar wood paneling.  The turquoise curtains that were already in the room when we moved in helped to create a very dark, cave-like room.  It was no wonder that they rarely spent time in there.  This winter I had enough of the dark and suggested a room make-over. I asked them to trust my judgement, then shipped them off to their grandparents house overnight while my husband and I got to work on lightening up their room.


Red wall before make-over
Turquoise wall and dresser before make-over
Dark cedar paneling


Lighter walls helped make the room feel more inviting.  The colors they love were used on their dressers.  

Replacing their outdated ceiling fan with a higher watt light and all the natural light also helped lighten the room.  We are still trying to decide on curtains.