Saturday, March 7, 2015

Pottery with 2nd Graders

I had the pleasure of teaching 2nd graders at Westside Elementary about clay.  I chose two projects to have the students complete in 5 one hour sessions.

During the first session I read the book The Pottery Place by Gail Gibbons which gave the students a great background on pottery.

We discussed vocabulary while I demonstrated how to use the clay.  The students spent this first session trying out the techniques they learned.
Vocabulary words:
pinch pot

During our second session together the students created flower impressions tiles using pasta, ends of marker containers, screws, caps, and any other items I could find that made an interesting impression.

Our third session together the students learned about stages of pottery and began making coil pots.

I copied this poster from a post I found on Pinterest.  


Bisqueware ready to glaze

Duncan Concepts glaze

During our 4th and 5th sessions, the students glazed their finished pieces.


I was looking for apron ideas for the Made in Mosier fundraiser for the Mosier School.  I settled on two techniques: ZenTangle and faux batik.

The Zantangle aprons were designed with ultra fine tip Sharpies and colored in with colored Sharpies and fabric markers.

I used Elmers Gel Glue to create the image for a faux batik look.  Once the glue dried overnight, I used acrylic paint to add color.

To remove the gel glue, soak the aprons in a sink full of water.  You may need to agitate the fabric in order to remove all the remaining glue.