Monday, December 5, 2011

Beer Advent Calendar

My husband is a beer guy. Not only is he a beer enthusiast, but he has also worked in the brewing industry since he graduated from college. I recently heard about the idea of making a Beer Advent Calendar for the 24 days leading up to Christmas. (Thanks Violet!) What a perfect gift for someone who enjoys trying new beers. I headed to my local beer shop, Volcanic Bottle Shoppe, to find 24 different kinds of beer to wrap up for my husband. The kids each chose a beer or two they thought their dad would like to try. When we got home the kids helped me wrap up the beers and attach a tag to each beer numbered 1 to 24.

I thought wrapping them individually would add to the anticipation of discovering what new beer awaited him each day.

I also included beer notebook made from six-pack packaging so he could critic each beer and take notes... something beer enthusiasts do. The kids and I could not wait until he got home to see his gift. I haven't seen him that excited for a long time! It was a hit!!!


klyn said...

This is excellent! Great idea - I am already behind though. Maybe I'll just do the twelve days of Christmas? No, wait, then it would be amplified...
Alright, maybe next year.

Rethink said...

I think the 12 Days of Christmas is a great idea! I can't believe what a big hit this gift was in our household.