Friday, October 25, 2013

Crayon Mosaic

I just finished working with 6 classes of Kindergarten and 1st graders to create collaborative pieces of art using crayons.  

 We started by collecting used, broken crayons.  Many of us have a collection of old crayons so finding the supplies was easy.

Next, I had the students help peel and break the crayons in to small pieces.  To make the peeling easier, I used an Exacto knife to score the crayon wrappers.  We spent time sorting the crayons by color to make it easier to put the project together.

I designed the 6 pieces to either stand alone or put together to create two scenes of the Gorge.  They each contained the sky, mountain and river or wildflowers.  I drew and colored the designs with crayon and then made another copy using melted crayons and dots to get an idea of what the final projects may look like.

Working in small groups, the students worked with me to glue the crayons into 15" x15" wooden frames.

The finished projects!