Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Reversible Headband from Scraps

What do you do with all of the scraps from your craft projects? I hate to throw them away to end up in a landfill, so instead I tend to keep them hoping for a future project. This is what I came up with. Reversible headbands made from scraps. I can make the headbands wide or thin depending on the size of scraps I have. I can mismatch the fabrics or pick a color or pattern theme. This headband is made from scraps of recycled bed sheets I had been using for a number of other projects.
The neighbor girls have been my testers to make sure I am getting the size right. Making crafts for others is always so much more rewarding. Seeing my neighbor wearing her headband on our walk the school puts a smile on my face.

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klyn said...

These are great! I love how you were able to find a use for all your scrap fabrics. I always try to find ways to use the many paper scraps I have when I make cards. you take orders? Alex wears headbands and would like the fabric ones, but usually they are wider than she prefers...

Great to see you blogging - Kellie