Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vinyl wallets

I like to try and reuse items to make into something new. I came up with vinyl covered wallets that are made from found objects. I started with using scrapbooking paper since it comes in such wonderful patterns. Once I got my technique down, I started experimenting with other types of paper too. I found that making wallets with paint chips... you know the ones you can get for free at the paint stores... made wonderfully colorful wallets. I went crazy gathering up paint chips each time I was near the paint section! How many of those can you take as free samples before it becomes a problem? I guess I will be the first to find out.

When making these wallets I ran into two problems. Finding a sewing machine that wanted to sew through two layers of vinyl and two pieces of paper. My firs sewing machine was too whimpy and once I got a new (used) machine, it found that sewing through such thick material was no problem. I also learned that I needed to use thread with polyester blend or the thread was keep breaking on me... My other problem was finding a snap that was heavy enough to go through all of the layers, but not too big and bulky that it was overwhelming for the wallets. I finally settled on "colored snaps". These worked better than the fun pearl snaps that I loved so much.

I have started experimenting with other fun "paper" to make wallets from such as Bingo cards, flash cards, vintage book pages, vintage wallpaper. I am having so much fun with these. I can't wait to see what else will become my latest wallet.

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