Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Caudill Glassworks

Time to promote my amazing husband and his glass mosaics!

Jess has been working with glass for the past 10 years, becoming an expert in fused glass.  Lately, however, he has created glass mosaics on discarded widow frames.  This is a piece he was commission to create by a customer in Portland.

These are two pieces that are hanging at Dirty Finger Bike Shop in Hood River, Oregon.

Dia de Los Muertos skull in progress.  This was part of a show at the Columbia Gorge Art Center.

Jess has also been commissioned by local businesses to create their logo in glass.  This one is hanging at Waterfront Enodontics in Hood River. 

As a thank you for all his hard work, the Gorge Roller Girls gave this to our coach.   Notice the wheels, mouth guard and skate tool that were added to this piece.

This skull mosaic is hanging in the upstairs window of Discover Bikes in Hood River.  Jess incorporated bikes chains and gears throughout this piece.

A repeat customer commissioned this skull for his business.    I believe it was intended for the Portland location of Nella Cutlery.  Jess was given a handful of knives to add to the mosaic.  Can you find them within the flames?

These two skulls were part of the Dia de Los Muertos show at The Remains art gallery in Hood River.

The Modelo beer bottles were cut in half and added a three dimensional aspect to this piece.

Jess Caudill

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