Thursday, September 8, 2011


Any easy way to make something new and practice a new skill is to make a pillow cover. I used recycled t-shirts to make the pink and orange flowers.

The Oregon pillow cover is made from the scraps of fabric I can't bear to part with. I was also practicing my hand-embroidery.

The multi-colored flowered pillow was my attempt to make a flower garden using hand-embroidery and recycled t-shirts. Not my favorite pillow...

The yellow and red flowers are made using wools scraps that were intended to be a jacket. I bought a whole bag of wool scraps already cut into jacket pieces then abandoned as a jacket.


klyn said...

Double Hearting these pillows! The wool flower pillows are beautiful! I will always love anything Oregon you make - and wow, hand-embroidering it. I shudder that I waste so much time compared to you. Well, maybe not exactly waste it, just don't have solid evidence that I have done something useful. Well, except for the 20 frozen twiced baked potatoes in the freezer right now and the two lasagnas in the fridge ready for baking and consumption tomorrow, but then again, those will be eaten and I will be left with still nothing to show for my time. Sigh. I must take up sewing to prove I don't just eat bon-bons all day. Actually, I don't think I have ever eaten a bon-bon. Hmmm.

Anora said...

Very nice..
Crafting pillows having a good look in kids rooms and for guest rooms..
Nice to see all your blog...

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