Thursday, September 8, 2011


One of may favorite projects to make is mittens from recycled sweaters and afghans. Since all of the sweaters are different, it is hard to make two pairs the same.

They are all lined with super soft minty fleece. I love watching people try them on to see their expression when they realize how cozy they are.

Some mittens are made using wool sweaters, but some are made with thinner cotton sweaters. Both kinds are surprisingly warm.

I love finding old afghans that look like they were lovingly made by my grandmother, but washed wrong and shrunk. These are always the mittens that are talked about the most. I love seeing who is drawn to the crocheted chevron or granny square afghan mittens.

I no longer look at sweater the same way. Whenever I see a beautiful sweater, I wonder what it will look like made into a pair of mittens.


klyn said...

I've a sudden urge to craftily display your mittens in my home as decorations to fend off the gloom that a sun-deficient summer turned to a misty fall has produced in my home! Except, I will say I will do it, buy all your stock, and then they'll be left on the window seat fruitlessly waiting for me to rig up a line/ board/ hanging device. So, I will ooh and ahh and try to get to ONE of your sales this year and contain myself by only buying one or two! :) Post your sales when you can!

Anonymous said...

It was so fun to meet you today. i hope you did well at the boutique. Here is a link to the mittens I mentioned, might be a fun addition to yours!