Thursday, May 7, 2009

Recycled Sweater Rug

This recycled sweater rug is my latest project. I have been wanting to make something with recycled sweaters again. They make great mittens, but those are so seasonal that I wanted to try a new project. I really enjoyed making this rug and so much was learned. I will have to experiment using different types of sweaters that are in different stages of felting. When I sewed the two pieces together, then tended to pucker up. Possibly using a longer stitch and not pulling the fabric will help solve this problem. I added a piece of a non slip pad to the back (like what you would use under a rug or in your dish cabinet), so that it would not slip on a smooth surface. The piece of non-slip pad I used was not wide enough, so I had to piece together two pieces. Not the best solution, but it works for my first attempt. I think my next rug will be larger using long strips of sweater to make a striped pattern. The possibilities are endless!


sallymandy said...

Hi! I love your recycled sweater rug. Would you mind if I borrowed your photo and posted it in a blog, with a link back to your blog or your etsy site?

Thank you....Sallymandy at

Andry said...

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