Thursday, October 30, 2008


I have been busily working to get my crafts done to sell at the numerous holiday sales I have applied for. Not only am I busy creating for the sales, but I have also added my wares to a couple of shops in Portland, Vancouver, and Hood River.

Bowl of Thistle is located in Sellwood, Oregon and is a great shop filled with locally made items. I am officially the artisan from farthest east. I am selling my mittens at this location.

8036 Se 13th Ave. Portland, Oregon 97202

Phone: 503-477-8750


Boomba Toomba is located in downtown Vancouver, Washington. It is a store that sells wonderful baby items, many made by crafty moms like me. I am selling my cloth diaper covers there.

Boomba Toomba Is located @ 1705 Broadway Street
In Downtown Vancouver, WA

Contact us:

Cutie Pie Consignment located in Hood River, OR at Mall 202, just a block off Oak Street. This is where I have a number of items including tag blankets, recieving blankets, tooth pillows and cloth diapers

Small Planet Trading is located in Hood River, OR in Mall 202... the same mall as above. Small Planet Trading is a shop that sells fair trade items from all over the world. They sell items that are made to give the artisan fair livable wage. I have mittens, purses and vinyl wallets at this location.

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klyn said...

Congrats, Cynthia, for this huge step of getting your items into stores! Wow! I want to go see them in person, but they are all so not near me!!! You should bring some items for the cool stores here! :)