Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Doggy Days of Summer Camp

For the last two summers, I was asked to be part of a new summer camp program that was created at Home at Last, the Humane Society, in The Dalles, Oregon.  We wanted to offer a week long day camp for kids in the community to learn about and work with the animals at the shelter.  What an amazing week we had.

Each day the campers walked the dogs along the Riverfront Trail.  Finding 8-9 dogs a day that were kid friendly and were able to walk together in a group proved to be a challenge, but the staff at Home At Last rose to the challenge each day.

The campers learned about animal behavior, created animal themed art projects, made animal beds and dog/cat toys and read to the animals each day.  They also collaborated on painting a dog house that is now sitting in front of the building, greeting the guests each day.

Here are some of the projects the kids created during the week.

Recycled packaging sillouttes

Magazine Mosaics

Painting the dog house

cap nip toys


Animal Silhouettes.  We used this technique on t-shirts.

Dog toys

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