Sunday, October 28, 2012

Plastic Triangle Art

A fellow Master Recycler came to me with a handful of plastic triangles that she found at the transfer station. This is how I find many of the materials to create with.  Someone comes to me with something they have found and ask me if I would like to use it for a project.  I am not sure what these triangles were originally used for, but they are clear and have a hole at the top.  I recently worked in a  4th grade classroom in The Dalles, Oregon and wanted to come up with a project to do using the plastic triangle.  This is what I came up with.

Each of the students was asked to draw a picture of him/herself with a black sharpie.  They used torn pieces of tissue paper to decorate the back of the plastic triangle applied with glue/water.  The beautiful colors were enhanced when we put this in the window and the sunlight shined through.  Some students embellished this pictures with glitter glue and puffy paint.

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