Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Middle School Art Class Taking on the Challenge

Yesterday I went to an after school Middle School art class to talk about the Repurposing Project.  This month we are creating with used cassette and VHS tapes.  There were about  6 Middle Schoolers who came to the class eager to create.  I told them about the project and once the materials were handed out, they started pulling the ribbon out of the cassette and asking for a screwdriver to take the cassette tapes apart.  You could almost see the ideas forming in their heads about what they were going to make with the challenge material.

This is the pile of ribbon that came out of a handful of cassettes.
The ribbon looked like a pile of hair, so sparked the idea of making a person with the cassette tapes with the ribbon as the hair.

 The cassette tape person is being assembled.

A glue gun works perfectly.  Thanks girls for the idea!

 After some trial and error, it was decided that silver Sharpie worked best on the cassette tapes for decoration.

Cassette tape necklace!!  I can see a fad starting!

 This pile of supplies will soon become a telephone.

 Come to First Friday on March 2nd from 5pm-8pm at the Columbia Art Center in Hood River to see how the projects turned out.

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