Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Decorations

I can't belive this is the first time I have really decorated for Halloween. I am starting small, but next year I should have even more decorations to use. Here are a couple of examples of the decorations I made this year. I had fun searching blogs for fun ideas and then making the projects for just a couple dollars each. I even used some of the wool scraps to cut out make fall leaves.

When I made the spooky wreath with moss and spiders, I was standing at my craft table gluing spanish moss on a foam wreath when my kids gathered around and wanted to know what I was doing. We decided to make a game of it and I became "Cynthia, ReThink Craft Guru" with my own tv show. My kids sat in front of me pretending to be my tv audience while I talked my way through my crafts, explaining how to use the glue gun and how to make spooky holiday crafts. We even had a guest appearance by my 3 year old who interrupted my show by wanting some attention. The other kids thought it was hilarious that he appeared on "tv" in the middle of our pretend craft show.

1 comment:

klyn said...

Excellent use of doilies!
They make perfect spider webs.
You should have had the camera rolling and you tubed the show! :)