Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Placemat purses

Let me start by saying, my family is in the process of moving and I am frantically trying to prepare for two more spring sales coming up the next two weekends. The last thing I need is to begin any new projects, or buy any new materials. While at a local thrift store I can across a stack on wonderful place mats made out of Naugahyde. Of course I thought, what can I make these into? I got all 8 for a dollar each and went home to create. I came up with these fun recycled place mat purses. What I love most is that they look like I have great sewing skills with the expertly sewn circles on the front of the purse.


klyn said...

Wonderful! When will I be able to go to Craft Camp at your home??!! You are marvelous!

rebecca said...

Ooooo, I love these!

Mama Ash said...

Very nice!