Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Billboard Bags and Earth Day

I have been busily working on my billboard bags for two upcoming Earth Day events. The first will be held in Hood River on April 17th in the parking lot across from Full Sail. I loved this event last year and am looking forward to spending the day show everyone my crafts made from recycled materials and being surrounded by people wanting to know more about caring for our Earth!!

The second event is the following week in Portland at the Laurelhurst Whole Foods store from 2-7pm. This is the first time I will be attending this event, but am excited to see other handmade recycled crafts.

To get my billboard bags ready, I spread out one in my backyard. I was amazed at it's size! The girls had a great time playing tag on the billboard before I started cutting it up for my bags. Just imagine, if this was not rescued for reuse, it could have ended up in the landfill. Every billboard you see in town or as you are driving down the highway has to end up somewhere!


klyn said...

Love this pictures! The billboard is huge! That is garden sized. People should use that instead of buying black plastic to control the weeds in their garden/ beds. Could be both useful for weed control as well as creative art while waitng for the first green shoots to erupt!
I love the bag - it has now spent some time at the baseball field...

rebecca said...

Hey K,
that's a great idea: weed barrier! Brilliant.
I actually had never thought about what happened to the billboards after use. Now I know.