Tuesday, September 16, 2008

First Day of Blogging

Well, this is my first attempt at blogging. I thought this would be a good avenue for documenting my creative thoughts. I have been trying to break into the craft business by making items from recycled/upcycled materials, but I am having a hard time focusing. Maybe this will help!

I have an Etsy shop www.alvablue.etsy.com that shows the crafts I have been making recently. Last night my husband also opened a shop at www.littleredshed.etsy.com We will see how these shops do! What a great place to see handmade goods. I could spend hours searching through shops seeing all of the wonderful and creative ideas people have. It inspires me to create too.

One of my latest projects are mittens made from recycled sweaters. I love a huge stash of old sweaters that I cut up and have tried making all sorts of projects. The mittens are by far my favorite. I can mismatch the sweaters and combine fun colors and patterns. I have also been lucky to have a friend who makes SwaddleKeepers (www.swaddlekeeper.com) and has large amounts of scrap fabric. She has been happy to give me her scraps so they can be used and not end up in a landfill... (She said she did a research project in college and found out the 40% of what ends up in landfills is textiles, cloth, clothes, fabric, etc.!!!) With her scrap fabric, I line the mittens with super soft miky button fleece. This makes the mittens extra soft and warm.


rebecca said...

What a great idea to use old sweaters! I like your new blog and am looking forward to seeing your creations.

Amy said...

Love the blog!! I will keep checking in to see what new creations you share! So crafty!! :)

Jess said...

Lookin good!! Can't wait to see more of the Afghan gloves!!